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New in the Mayyim Hayyim Art Gallery

Hilary Tolan's Floating World - in the gallery until June 2017

Tolan invites the viewer to contemplate the power and beauty of trees and stones, the experience of looking deeply and slowly, and the natural order of decay and regeneration. The landscape is interrupted and tampered with, and we are invited to believe in this drawn reality, this other possible land. (Schedule your tour today)

From the Mayyim Hayyim Blog

Sunday-fun Day at Water Wonders: A Parent's Perspective

by Dalia Wassner

The best part was that afterward, my eldest was curious to learn more about the mikveh and I was able to tell him: It is where Jewish people go to prepare their minds, bodies, and souls to live important moments in life. And he had a context, at his age, for starting the conversation. (Read more)

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