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Open Waters: Mikveh for Everybody Discussion Guide

This discussion guide, geared for 4th graders through adults, will help your school, synagogue, camp, or board learn how to transform the inaccessible into the accessible.

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Knocking at Our Hearts

Sunday, September 25, 2016, 2:30pm - 5:30pm

Transform your teshuvah (repentance) with the power of song! Join Mayyim Hayyim and renowned Jewish musician Joey Weisenberg as we bring in the Jewish New Year together.

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Ema? Thanks for Bringing Me to the Mikveh.

by Carrie Bornstein

"We got into the water together and I swear that kid must have bobbed up and down at least 57 times. She twirled around, arms lifted in the air, and I tell you – she owned that place while I stood back and watched. She said the blessings and talked about how very excited she was to go to camp, and also how scared, and how thankful she was for her family, naming each one of us. She said she knew that so many people love her. She said she knew she could say things there, to God and to me, that she couldn’t say elsewhere."